Fifty Four Forever?

Bridgewater Place
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The simple answer is that I have reached my fifty fourth birthday and life is good. I think I will just freeze it there,  birthdays don’t count anymore and I will remain forever fifty four. It would have been forever young but I probably missed the boat a bit. Who wants to be young anyway?  Somebody clever once said that youth is wasted on the young. (If they didn’t, they should have and I now claim it as original).

When I was younger I always wished I had more money, good relationships (euphemism alert!), could appreciate a good wine,  got to see great bands, travel widely and Bradford Bulls (then Northern) win every week. All ticked (except the last one and we are working on it.) I have even got to the stage where I can consider not having a day job, or at least one that I “want to do” rather than “have to do”. So, I say again, who wants to be young?

Beach Bistro
Fifty fourth birthday – Trying to eat the pattern from the plate as well

That said, why write a blog? In short – why not? I suppose I’ve always been slightly in awe of “real writers” who carry off regular columns in newspapers and magazines, write brilliant news stories or the great novel.  These days, the internet is a great enabler. So, while I don’t profess to be the next Tom Wolfe or Caitlin Moran, if I can raise a smile, provoke a thought or pass on my experience – why not? If you see anything you don’t like – tell me. If you see something you like – tell others as well. If you’re bored – move on to the next site – there are millions!

FFF January 2015

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